• Location: UNITED STATES
  • Age: 25
  • I was raped at 14.


I  want to share my story to all- so I am going to try in the best way i know how. Just answer the questions I can. Hope this helps those who were too scared to tell someone. My biggest regret was keeping it a secret.

  • When did the violence start? It was a one time experience- that I will never forget. An experience I look back on with fear and what-if’s. 
  • Did you reach out to authorities? I waited too late. I was only 14 and was too scared to make the situation known. 
  • Are you currently or did you previously seek out professional psychiatric help? I am currently seeking out therapy- and find it to be very helpful. Luckily, I have the money for it… I always wonder about those who don’t… I wouldn’t be brave enough to go to a free clinic. I envy those who can. 
  • Did you know where to seek help? It took me too long to speak out about it- and when I did… I received a lot of support.
  • Did you personally know the attacker? No. I didn’t. And I have never seen him again. Thank God!
  • Were family and friends accessible? Do they know? As said before, it took me a while to talk about it. I never wanted to tell my family. I never did. Only very close friends. The reason I didn’t tell my family was because I knew it would break their hearts. I didn’t want to do that to them. The only reason I told friends was because when my behavior was off- I felt they should know why. 

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