I’ve always wanted to share my story with the world. Maybe now is the time…

I was married for 6 years before I realized it was time to get out. I was scared. Being a single mom with a two year old is not the ideal situation for anyone. It wasn’t an excuse- it was my fear. Fear of my family rejecting me, fear of no money, fear of living. 

Turns out, “fear” is just a word. The second I told my parents what was happening to my marriage- they promised to help in any way that they could. And they did. We worked together to get out of this marriage. 

I finally moved out of my parents house and am finally living on my own with a job that I am proud of. Yes- I have scars… both physically and mentally. Did i wait to long? Yes…. But did I leave? Yes. That is the story I can share with my son. 

Details are unnecessary to share as I am sure we have all heard horror stories. I am not one of them. I was one of them. I am the story that left. I am the story that started over. I am a proud women to say that I got a second chance.


Don’t “fear”- because it’s just a word. 


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